Meet the Tribe

  Manoranjan (Manoj) is the founder of Adishakti Yogashala which he operates out of Pachamama. Manoj had many different jobs in the hospitality industry before discovering the science of Ayurveda, the science of life, which teaches us how to live healthy lives that prevent disease. He has studied all aspects of Ayurveda, from Ayurvedic cooking, to Ayurvedic philosophy and Ayurvedic yoga philosophy with a wide range of masters, including Ayruvedic doctors and swamis. In 2007 he earned a qualification as Ayurveda (Panchakarma) Therapist and in 2009 he gained his Yoga Teacher Training certificate at the Shivananda Yoga ashram in Kerala. In 2010 Manoj completed a teacher training course at the renowned Shiva Yoga Peeth school in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. Now he shares openly and infectiously his passion for traditional yogic therapies – specialising in Mudra, Kriyas, Pranayama and of course Ayurveda.


Arun – is our in-house Senior Male Panchakarma Therapist who has a depth of experience in traditional treatment, oil therapies and medicines. Having been raised in a family of traditional therapists he has spent 12 years specialising in the unique qualities and attributes of Ayurvedic herbs for healing and therapy. He is also a fantastic massage therapist, specialising in Marma-point massage.



Jhuitu & Raji are the husband and wife team who founded Pachamama in 2016. Jhithu is an experienced Ayurvedic Chef and food expert and Raji has been a practitioner in traditional Panchakarma for over 17 years. Jhithu and Raji, met working together in the area of Ayurvedic therapies, fell in love, got married, had little Adig and opened Pachamama as a passion project to help other people find health, wellness and happiness.


Aadi… Just too cute to describe!

Aadi may not be old enough to cook, take a yoga class or give you a massage but his smile is infectious and cheeky personality great for the soul!