About Us

Namaste and welcome to Pachamama Homestay here in Varkala Kerala!We are a family run home away from home offering a range of health and relaxation focused services.Many of our guests come in search of revitalisation and rejuvenation, weight loss and general health and wellbeing. From Yoga to traditional Panchakarma treatments and of course healthy meals we have something special to offer you foryour holiday or health retreat needs.Here in Varkala, there is a have a high and low holiday season and our prices, products and services vary depending on the time of year and so we welcome you to take a look around our website of course contact us with any questions or reservation enquiries via our contact form.Pachamama home stay nestles in between coconut palms and banana trees just 10 minutes walk from Varkala beach on the shores of the Arabian Sea.
See you soon!
The Pachamama Tribe